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Snake Repeller HAD-310 for snakes, moles, voles and ants has thr
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The 3 Solar Snake Repeller HAD-310 for snakes, moles, voles and ants has three times the efficiency in one product. Sound, vibration, light.

Product code: 310-3v1-solar-repeller-plasic-had-krt-hlod-mravec-2017
    Solar light is transformed using solar cells into electrical energy, which is then stored in an integrated NI-MH battery. The Solar Plate - snakes and moles repellers transmit two different vibrations + sound
at random intervals in all directions. The device is effective
in a maximum area of ​​800m². Placemark uses two types of buzzer resonators and motor vibration, including LED light. Therefore, both rodents and ants are adversely affected by vibrations. The best performance of the saucer in question is mainly on snakes - lizards.
Snakes use a wide range of motions: land, ground, or water. Most snakes lay eggs, but a large number of live offspring are born. Where a snake feels in the soil, water vibration feels uncertain and tries to leave the affected area. He will not be trying to stay in the disturbed vibration space in question. Plaque vibrations are irregular, so there is no simple dependence on classical repellents on moles.
These sound waves and vibrations reliably discourage snakes but also moles, including voxels and ants, by simulating the predator's dangers and thus repelling it from your sailing space.
Although the manufacturer has a surface area of ​​almost 800m², it is rather a theoretical area, without any hindrance to a strong granary.
Therefore, in larger areas or areas that are heavily used by toys and toys, we recommend using two or more sails (about 15m intervals), or one in front of the house, the other behind the house.
This device is suitable for the exterior, i. for outdoor use only.
Solar electron repel snake, Repeller is suitable for installation, i. location in the farm, garden, orchard, just where there is a risk even in the gardens near the fields and woods that you are mistaken to see reptiles - snakes.
TECHNICAL DATA: Battery: 1 x 1.2V / 600-800mA Ni-MH.
Frequency: 400Hz - 1000Hz.
Range: approx. 800m².
Protection: IP 44.
Working cycle of snakes, bats, antlers, voles, repeller:
Solar Bird and Vulnerable Blower cycles through various vibrations and sounds. Each phase lasts 5 days.
During each 5-day period, buzzer and engine vibrate in the following order:
Day 1: Vibrating motor, 2 seconds then for 50 seconds off.
Day 2: vibration buzzer, 2 seconds to "beep", 50 seconds off.
Day 3: 2 seconds to "Beep" vibration buzzer, 50 seconds off, then 2 seconds vibration motor to, 50 seconds off.
Day 4: 2 seconds of driving vibration, 50 seconds off, then 2 seconds of "Be-be-be" buzzer vibration,
50 seconds off.
Day 5: Irregular vibrations. The exact cycle is illustrated in the figure "program chart".
The LED light turns on automatically at dusk and works for about 4 hours from twilight.

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